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EMpower® Topical Relief oil Testimonials (Black and White Label):

"I bought my first bottle of Empower while in Newport, Oregon, in August. It has helped with neuropathy, shingles, and gout pain. It’s a miracle. I no longer have to use Aleve, Advil, Tylenol, or Vicodin on a daily basis and my liver says thank you. I am 74 years old and would never smoke cannabis but to roll it on is easy and non-habit forming. I’m a changed woman." (White Label) 

-Sandra Bongiorno

"As a dispensary owner I can say with absolute certainty that Empower Oil provides as much or more relief to patients than any other single cannabis product available. I have gotten more positive feedback, more returning patients, and more gratitude for carrying Empower than for anything else. This works - it helps people in desperate need of relief - and we need to make it as widely available as possible." (Black Label)

-Kayla Dunham, The Agrestic

“Thank you for the Empower Oil! I have found it settles migraines, loosens shoulders, eases ankle pain, and even removes menstrual cramps.” (Black Label)

-Rose Divine

I suffer from Endometriosis, and most days the pain is so severe that I can hardly walk.  After getting my first bottle of Empower White Label, I did what it said, and put it where it hurt.  Then, within literally seconds, the pain was gone.  It changed my life.  I have spent thousands of dollars over the years trying to just function when my Endometriosis pain has begun, but with Empower I can live my life again.  Thank you so much!”  (White Label)

-Andrea Hogan-Bazemore

I almost lost my leg due to a horrific boating accident, after they put my leg back together the nerve damage was so unbearable. Everything that touched my skin in that area felt like fire or a burning sensation from all the nerve damage. I have tried several topical cannabis products that claim to work etc, but it wasn't until I used Empower that I finally got relief. I used it 2x's a day for 2 weeks now the never damage isn't 100% but I'd say dang close. I don't feel fire anymore and I don't have to use it everyday. Now I keep it with me in case I need it or put it on before I do anything like driving or exercising etc. I was told I would never walk again, and when I was waiting for help I thought I would be an amputee so this isn't a small injury, it was a major injury! Part of my bones, nerves, muscles, tissues etc. were ripped out and never put back, and yet my leg is good. (Black Label)

-Maxine Waterman

“I've been using this on my bursitis on my shoulder with great success...I stopped using for a few days and the pain returned...I started using it again and the pain subsided and my range of motion improved....Great stuff..I am now a fan of your oil...Good luck…I’d like to see [Empower Oil] in everybody's medicine cabinet...Located on the Health Aids aisle in stores.” (Black Label)

-Steve Schwerdt

“I live in constant pain. I’ve punished my body with high intensity sports ever since I was a kid. Compression fracture in my spine. Ankle tendon reconstruction surgery. MCL/ACL damage. Dislocated shoulders. At 32, it’s catching up to me.

I’m generally a 4 on the pain scale at any given time. It’s not uncommon to have that peak at a 9 without any new injury. Before I was introduced to Empower, I had a regular diet of Aleve for every day and prescription pain medication to manage those peak pain moments.

Empower has completely changed that for me. If you’re a chronic pain sufferer, do yourself a favor and give it a shot. If you’re like me, you’ve tried everything else.”  (Black Label)

-Matt ALbiniak

“Such a wonderful product with awesome relief! The roll-on applicator makes it fast and easy to use. Anyone who has muscle pain will Empower Oil. 

I recently tried the Empower Soaking Salts and fell in love! It provides all over pain relief during the bath, and even after. I was able to sleep sound through the night without any back pain. I will definitely continue to use to this product.” (Black Label)

- Yasmine Abdulrahimzi

"Thanks for being our family's replacement to an entire medicine cabinet: aleve/tylenol/lidoderm patch/metacam/icy hot/pharmaceuticals that we don't use anymore!" (Black Label)

-Jackie Brown

"Seriously the best! It worked wonders on Monty after transplant and [with] the leg pains.” (Black Label)

-Breane F.

“I was having really bad jaw pain this week because I was out of alignment...which was causing me to get really bad headaches and have tenderness around my temples. I had some massage work done yesterday and I was so sore this morning when I got up. I thought I might have to call in, I then remembered your oil. I rubbed it all over my face when I got out of the shower and after a few minutes or so I was able to touch my face without any pain! I am so excited and sharing with everyone!” (Black Label)

-Heidi Frank

“I’m still healing from a broken ankle last year. I use Empower Oil before I go workout and after and I can go about my day as a hair designer, on my feet all day, using a little bit every few hours and right before bed and it feels way better than before. It’s an amazing product.(Black Label)

-Christina Darragh

“I tried Empower Oil on my husband’s sore back, and he can’t believe how effective the oil is for pain relief!” (Black Label)


“I am a major fan of treating my knee pain with cannabis topicals.  What is amazing about the Empower CBD oil roll-on is that it can really help relieve my knee pain while also passing through the TSA screening process!  At 1 oz., this is the perfect travel accessory for those with joint pain looking for a natural remedy that actually works!” (White Label)

-becky garrison

I have nothing but good things to say about Empower Oil! I recently started using it daily to ease the back pain I have from a kidney stent. I also applied it to a fever blister I was getting and it dried it up within 24 hours. Amazing.  (Two weeks later) “Yet another great use for Empower Oil: bee stings! My son was recently stung on his forearm by a wasp. He's allergic so it swelled up immediately, looking red and fierce. He applied ice, took Benadryl (orally and topically) and some Ibuprofen, with no change whatsoever. Hours later, the swelling and redness remained and had spread to his hand. On a whim, I applied Empower Oil to his arm and hand and it took away the redness and most of the pain and swelling within an hour. Amazing! Empower Oil, don't leave home without it!(Black Label)

- Kelly L.

"The salts and the oil helped me heal very quickly from a ski injury in February.  My orthopedic doctor was even shocked at how well controlled the pain was and how fast the swelling & bruising went down.  I just love your products."

- Deborah Robinson


"I just wanted to express my gratefulness for your product. I've had plantar fasciitis for over a year. Tried it all; shoes, insets, stretching, acupuncture, large doses of ibuprofen, etc. A co-worker/friend gave me your product, the black label topical oil. I was apprehensive (cannabis makes me paranoid). I have to tell you, it relieves the pain (and, just like it says, I don't get "high"). I really can't thank you enough. And wish you success with your product and business , you deserve it!"

-courtney wilson

I've been working solo on home renovations, really pushing myself to get a lot of work done in as little time as possible. I recently completed repainting my entire kitchen in just two days, trim, accents, and all, but the down side to that was the excruciating pain that I experienced in my left shoulder after two 14 hour days of wrestling with the paint rollers. The pain was so intense, i couldn't turn my head left and couldn't fully rotate my arm either. Thankfully, I remembered I still had my Empower topical oil, so after a long hot shower I rolled some of the oil onto the spot where I felt the pain was originating from.  No exaggeration, the relief I felt was immediate and so desperately needed. Almost instantly the shooting pains ceased and I was able to regain full movement of my head and neck, as well as my left shoulder. I even began prep work on the next room the very next day. 

I have been self-medicating with cannabis for over ten years now and have tried countless brands of topicals available on the market, and truly, none have come close to the quick response time and over-all effectiveness of the Empower products. If you are looking for a healthy, nourishing topical infused with love and produced by a company built by women and committed to empowering women, then look no further. I recommend and gift Empower to my family and friends, and I highly suggest you do the same.

- Jesse Soto, Cannabis Consultant and Educator. 

"The moment I switched my step-mother over to Empower Oil, it was a miracle.  It worked 10x better than the other salves and literally, she’s says her bone spurs, pain and inflammation have subsided to almost a zero.  This was common with other members of my family and most importantly, myself.  I could tell you story after story.  Amazing stuff.  Your oils, loaded with THC, but overloaded with CBD is awesome.  I’m sure the other essential oils help.  The bath salts are the best thing since PB&J, and suggest everyone gives them a try.  Amazing.

Keep up the good work Empower.  I will keep buying and recommending your product into the future." 

-Jared Long

"I've never seen any product give you more for your dollar! Not only 100% natural, but 100% effective 100% of the time! I recommend Empower topicals to everyone I know who would benefit from it." (White Label)

-Michael Ryan

“I use both the Black Label oil and soaking salts to recover from grueling MMA training sessions, hiking and climbing. If you are involved in any kind of athletics or intense physical activity that leads to muscle pain, Empower products are amazing. They are quickly absorbed into your skin, and you start receiving pain relief almost immediately. As a busy professional, I also use the oil to relieve stress fast and keep my mind and body focused on what I need to accomplish. In short, once you try Empower Bodycare’s products, you will never use anything else again.” (Black Label)

-Lance Ott, Cancer Survivor and Business Executive



“Lower back pain from hell, and worst case of squished disk my lawyer and surgeon had ever seen, and the neck was shaped in a Z formation, so 2 years of physical therapy and surgery had me out of the wheelchair status, but the pain wasn’t gone by a long shot.  I picked up a bottle of the White Label and smeared it on and waited…but not for too terribly long!  The pain fades from screaming, “Owwwweeeeee,” to a dull roar and then to falling asleep!  This pain has not been helped by Oxycodone or Vicodin.  I took those for years and they never helped the back or the TMJ pain.  White Label helped with both of these!  The other astonishing thing was the Fibromyalgia pain.  I used to suffer from such debilitating migraines and back pain, that I would often spend days and days in bed with lack of energy and a painful body.  Then, after days of bed rest, the soles of my feet would ache when I would try to be on my feet for a half hour or so, but then I’d pull out the White Label and rub it on and wait a few minutes, and the aching was gone!  My skin feels great, too!” (White Label)

-Cheri smith

"I can't thank you enough for your Empower Oil! I have been suffering for over seven years with spinal stenosis in my lower back as well as lumbar radiculopathy and sciatica. I have tried oral medications prescribed by orthopedists and neurologists. I have had multiple spinal injections known as epidurals as well as physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture. 

Nothing had helped relieve my pain. I have also tried numerous topical pain relieving liquids, creams and ointments, but I have never had any long term relief from any of them

I was fortunate to meet someone who recommended Empower Oil to me. It took about 2-3 days, but then I began to see significant pain relief and continue to get great results. Thank you again! I hope that your company has much success!" (Black Label)

-Dr. myles grossman

"I can’t keep them in stock in my head shop, HWY 420, in Seaside, Oregon. Folks drive in from all over the north coast to get the Empower CBD-only products!” (White Label)


“I used Empower Oil on a cold sore and it cleared it right up! Cheaper and quicker than Abreva!” (Black Label)


Empower Oil is a miracle in a vial. It has given me relief from pain which has been with me for more than forty-five years. I highly recommend this product to anyone suffering with joint pain. Mine was a torn cartilage in my right knee and torn meniscus in my left. This oil has allowed me to lead as normal a physical existence as possible (to play golf), while knowing that it is only a matter of time before I have to have my knee replaced. It is a wonderful product that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone.” (Black Label)

- Steven Levin

“I am training for a marathon and after running 6+ miles, my legs are really sore. Empower Oil relaxes my sore muscles immediately. I roll it on and rub it in right after the shower and my legs loosen up quickly. I rarely wake up achy anymore.” (Black Label)

-Brad M.

"What was happening was not a headache.  I can live with a headache.  This was a battlefield of brain and scar tissue and swelling inside my skull, with a little spring time sinus action on top.  I rolled Empower oil on those rock hard strips on the back of my neck.  The pain stopped moving to fill up my whole body, and without the pounding in my neck, I could settle down and breath and relax -- which assisted in getting to sleep.  (Because when Life sucks, it's best to go to nap for a while.) Thank you really a lot."  (Black Label)

-Ruby LaMoyne Gallagher

“Recently I had the chance to try an eye-catching new topical that recently hit the green medical market, Empower Oil- Blended together are multiple plant essential oils and carrier oils that are said to work synergistically with the high CBD Cannabis oil infused into the mixture. Empower oil was designed to give pin-point relief, immediately, as needed. After a very informative discussion with the creator of the oil, I tried it, as well as Erin.

“It was easy to apply due to it being a nicely designed roll-on application. We found the oil to be very effective- I tried it on my aching joints and bad knee. She used it for deep muscle aches. We found relief came relatively quickly for a topical application and it was long lasting. We say that if you are in the Portland area, you wouldn’t be disappointed if you put it where it hurts, rub it in and repeat.” (Black Label)

- Brandon Krenzler

“Empower oil works miraculously on painful areas, especially joints and muscles.” (Black Label)

- Steven Shapiro

“I have been using Empower products for a couple of years now and have experienced real results, and as a huge skeptic of “cure all’s,” that is saying a lot.  I’ve suffered from Fibrocystic breast pain, knots in my neck, and skin condition for many years and have gotten relief from all three issues with the Empower White Label.  It works quickly to soothe the pain and inflammation and you can use it as much as you need!  I love it.” (White Label)


Earlier today, my wife discovered a quarter-sized itchy, red, bumpy spot on her chest. Not certain what it was and not knowing exactly how to treat it, she put some Empower Oil on it and went to work. Three hours later she calls me to report that she was no longer itching and the red spot was so gone that she couldn't identify exactly where the spot had been. Guess who is now a believer in the power of this oil? It looked like a spider bite or possible allergic reaction. Either way, the oil stopped it dead in it's tracks. Will be [going] soon for more.” (Black Label)

- Steve Nelson

“Aly and I have been using it on her back pain and my bug bites this year and it's really helping both. Multiuse score!” (Black Label)

- Belinda Carroll

I am an old athlete who works with many younger amateur and professional athletes.  When I discovered Empower it was a blessing.  I will not stop competing, so joint pain due to an old injury or just overwork will not go away.  Empower Oil improves range of motion and muscle response because the pain is managed and I believe CBD works on tissue. Trainers and athletes I work with report similar experiences.  Thank you, Empower for empowering this old athlete.

 -Lowell Wightman 

EMPOWER® Soaking Salts TESTIMONIALS (Black and White Label):

The CBD bath salts WORK!  Pain relieved from fibromyalgia...everything smells terrific-she really knows her essential oils!” (White Label)


"After working in the industry for several years, Empower is unlike any other product I have come across. The soaking salts are the perfect solution for my 46 degree spine curvature and my neurological problems that cause numbness and tingling in my hands and feet. They ease my pain and leave me with a wonderful sense of well being. The medicated oil goes to work instantly, and helped improve my range of motion. In fact, I enjoyed their product so much, I decided to carry them in our collective!" (Black Label)

- Cliff, CCC Greenwood

"The first time I used Empower Soaking Salts, I refilled my tub over and over, spending an extremely indulgent three hours in my bathtub. When finished, I had the most soft, supple skin of my life, but more important, a rare pain level of zero. As a patient who suffers from chronic pain that is almost unheard of." (Black Label)

-LIndsey rinehart

"I am so grateful for your soaking salts. I have just started as an administrator for a support group for people with pancreatitis, and I have recommended your products. They have helped me more than anything else, thank you." (Black Label)

-Tina martinez

"I suffer from scoliosis, along with horrible muscle & nerve pain. These salts make you feel like your body is floating on a cloud of relaxation . I love the light scent & how they make my skin so soft. When all else fails, soaking salts do the trick to relieve my pain. Gives you the best night's sleep. This is my favorite way to spoil myself. My daughter always asks for your salts, for every holiday!"

-Abbey Rode

"My boyfriend works at a dispensary and a rep from your company talked to him and he was so intrigued that he got some of your soaking salts. I struggle with chronic migraines that last anywhere from 12-36 hours and leave me completely debilitated and ill the entire time. I had one of those migraines today and after hours of nausea and pain so bad I couldn't keep my eyes open or eat or drink for hours. I decided to use the soaking salts today in a bath and I am seriously amazed. I was so relaxed and comfortable I took the best nap of my life and now the migraine is almost completely gone. This is something no medication I've ever had or taken or been given has ever done. These soaking salts are a serious game changer for me and I cannot wait to try more of your products. Thank you for doing what you do and for this badass lady-run business that I've heard so much about!!" (Black Label) 


I just wanted to express my gratefulness for your product. I've had plantar fasciitis for over a year. Tried it all; shoes, insets, stretching, acupuncture, large doses of ibuprofen, etc. A co-worker/friend gave me your product, the black label topical oil. I was apprehensive (cannabis makes me paranoid). I have to tell you, it relieves the pain (and, just like it says, I don't get "high"). I really can't thank you enough. And wish you success with your product and business , you deserve it!

-courtney wilson

I recently tried the Empower Soaking Salts and fell in love! It provides all over pain relief during the bath, and even after. I was able to sleep sound through the night without any back pain. I will definitely continue to use to this product.” (Black Label)

- Yasmine Abdulrahimzi

"I can’t keep them in stock in my head shop, HWY 420, in Seaside, Oregon. Folks drive in from all over the north coast to get the Empower CBD-only products!” (White Label)


"I love your salts. I broke my back a little over a year ago, and have required up to three muscle relaxers a day since the fall. If I use your soaking salts, I don't need the muscle relaxers at all for up to 36 hours. It's incredible, it completely stops my muscle spasms and relieves the pain. The scent is light, but pleasant, and it adds to the relaxing experience. Also, I have really sensitive skin and it's rare that a bath product doesn't make me break out. This product works on my skin. I cannot recommend these products highly enough." (White Label)

-Stefanie Mezigian

"I'm a massage therapist and I like to try out my products before suggesting them to my clients and your bath salts are amazing! I compared it to Dr. Teals relaxing salts the day before I received y'all's and wow the difference is amazing. I felt like it went deeper and I wasn't aching like I did with the other salts. Absolutely love Empower Soaking Salts!"  (White Label)

-Marisol Marquez

"I first off just want to say that whatever you all are doing, please do not ever stop. Your products are my most favorite because they actually work!!! I have a lot of different problems w my neck, back, hips, shoulders, joints and such and after using your products, even just the first time I tried the oil sample, I was blown away because my pain was down, next to nothing.
Taking a bath w the bath salts really helps my body like nothing else.
When I buy it I encourage any budtenders or whoever is helping me, to make sure they try this product so they can tell more people about it properly.

Smoking cannabis is all good and such and edibles are great and everything but what you have is a healing potion that works like no other. For that I just want to say thank you, give my immense thanks and gratitude to y'all. I appreciate everything you are doing and continue to do."


 "Several years ago, I experienced an outbreak of shingles blisters on my lower back. Unfortunately, the virus left me with painful permanent nerve damage on the right side of my low back and hip, which felt like I had a terrible sunburn 24/7. In April of 2017, I began using Empower Soaking Salts daily. At first, I would experience about a 4-hour window of time in which I did not feel pain. After several weeks of using the salts daily, the window of pain relief stretched to about 8 hours. By June, I would receive 24-48 hours of pain relief. By July, I was able to cut back to using the salts only three times a week. By August I would experience almost a week of pain relief after just one bath. By October, I experienced two to three weeks of pain relief, and by December, four weeks. I’m so grateful to spend day after day pain-free! I never thought I would find a product that could help my irreparably damaged nerves and relieve pain the way Empower Soaking Salts have.

– JENnifer S. 


"I'm not the sexual type of person that buys lubes, toys, etc., but this product was one of the best things I have ever given a chance. The anticipation before even applying it was intense, I didn't know what to expect. The moment I put it on I felt a rush of excitement and tingles, I knew it was going to be great. It was perfect, the best sex of my life. I highly recommend this product, I've gave out several samples I've bought already (I'm in a legal state). I swear by this stuff, especially if you're not easily aroused like I am! Seriously, a 5 out of 5!" (Black Label)

-Hayley B.


"4PLAY is amazing! Tingling sensation for the woman, warming sensation for the man. The best sex I've ever had!" 

-rachel k.


"When I first used 4PLAY, I was astonished at how quickly it worked, and how much more full-bodied and euphoric my orgasms were. I loved it. Then one night at bedtime, when experiencing painful period cramps, I applied 4PLAY to see if it could help relieve some of my discomfort. Within 10 minutes, I no longer felt cramping or pain. I went to bed and slept deeply. The cramps never returned that cycle. I only wish I had had access to 4PLAY years ago." 

-jennifer s.

"I just want to say thank you for your amazing product. I have 5 years in remission from ovarian cancer. I have never had pain free sex before this week. I can't tell you how much I love 4 play."


"I have endometriosis and I have been taking pain pills for years to help me cope.  However, over the past few years I have developed an allergy to opioids and have begun treating my pain naturally. I tried 4PLAY for the first time and I couldn’t believe how amazing the product is. It worked within ten minutes of application and it also kept the cramps away all day!

-Erin Zumbaum


I just want to say how much I LOVE 4PLAY! GAME CHANGER! I have tried other "enhancement" products, but mostly they just provide a kind of chemical tingle. 4PLAY is totally different. My orgasms are deeper - my vagina feels simultaneously relaxed and aroused. It's hard to describe, but it's absolutely awesome and I tell my friends about it all the time. I love that it's a spray, and doesn't get everywhere. THANK YOU for making such an amazing product!

- Eleanor Cathleen O'Brien‎



"After years of abuse on my body from competitive dancing, I find myself in constant pain.  I refuse to take NSAIDS or anything over the counter.  The only things that help my back and hip pain are stretching and deep tissue massage, but it is an everyday struggle.  I was recently handed a bottle of the Empower Topical Relief Lotion, and asked to try it.  I rolled my eyes, but reluctantly agreed.  I first noticed how much I loved the smell, but then it happened…. I rubbed it on my back & hips.  It was a challenging day and within 35 seconds I felt relief.  I was astounded – I have never had anything work that quickly.  I was immediately sold, and I now use it consistently for any pain that may pop up.  A month later, I feel like I can use less to get the same amazing reaction.  I cannot recommend this product enough – you will not be disappointed." 

- Jennifer Vickery


I am happy to report that I am the third member of my family using Empower® Topical Relief Lotion. Following the lead of my 96-year old grandma and my mom, it has been six weeks since I began using Empower’s Topical Relief Lotion for re-occurring knee pain. This product reduced the inflammation on my knee while helping my mental state with the calming and relaxing aroma of lemons. I cannot say enough good things about the results, but most importantly I want to say Thank You.

- Preston Greene

General Manager, Yerba Buena

"I’ve been using Empower Lemon Verbena Topical Relief Lotion 1-2x’s daily for the past two months to help with spasms in my shoulder. It’s cooling effect is very helpful to calm down nerves, especially before bed. By applying the lotion to painful areas, it’s helped me to fall asleep at night. The nerve pain calms down and I’m able to rest.  I also use the lotion on my neck and hands. The smell is simply amazing and reminds me of Lemon Cream Pie. I was looking for a lemon lotion for a long time that I could enjoy wearing and Empower's is perfect. The lotion’s aroma makes me happy + is very uplifting. Perfect for daily use. Thank you for making a lotion that I can enjoy anywhere anytime! P.S. Being vegan, I am thrilled that Empower products are also vegan."








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