Trista Okel Shares Secrets for CBD Industry Success with Authority Magazine

Because Empower BodyCare founder and CEO Trista Okel has years of experience growing a highly successful CBD business, Authority Magazine recently interviewed her for insights and actionable advice to guide other business leaders.

In the article, Trista discusses some of her successes and shares challenges and lessons learned along the way. She specifically highlights the importance of listening to employees, building a strong network and staying in tune with the latest industry developments. She also emphasizes the importance of creating an inclusive, equitable industry, where all voices are heard and valued.

Since founding her award-winning topicals brand in 2013, Trista has expertly navigated a quickly changing legal landscape. She formulated a full range of popular, high-quality CBD products that are now available in stores across the country and online. Authority Magazine publishes inspiring and actionable stories from leaders across numerous industries.

Read the full interview here.


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