Cosmopolitan Includes Empower BodyCare in Collection of Companies to Support for Pride

In honor of Pride Month, Cosmopolitan published “37 Brands to Buy From That Help the LGBTQ+ Community,” encouraging readers to use their dollars to make a difference. The list featured Empower BodyCare as the LGBTQ+-owned CBD topicals company to support, placing it alongside an impressive list of clothing companies, food brands, florists and others.

All companies included on the list are either LGBTQ+ owned or contribute a portion of their funds to LGBTQ+ organizations such as The Trevor Project or GLAAD. Empower BodyCare is led by Trista Okel and Michele White, a married lesbian couple on a mission to help people lead more fulfilling lives with their CBD-infused topical products. The company also has a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility, frequently partnering with LGBTQ+ organizations.

Check out the full list here.


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