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We believe our Black Label pain relief topicals are the most potent, effective, and thoughtfully crafted cannabis topicals on the market. Here's why our topicals stand out from the rest:

To Provide the Most Effective Pain Relief, We use THCa.

Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCa) is the primary constituent in raw cannabis leaves and flowers. (THCa converts to THC when burned, vaporized, or heated for 30-40 minutes at 220 degrees.) THCa is non-psychoactive, and behaves as an anti-inflammatory agent. It has been shown to be even more effective than THC or Cannabidiol for regulating the functions which support the endocannabinoid system - all while reducing pain caused by inflammation. To read more about the cannabinoid receptors in skin and how cannabis affects pain/inflammation, please click here: To compare and contrast the therapeutic qualities of THCa, THC, and Cannabidiol, please click on this link: 

We use THCa in Conjunction with Cannabis Derived Cannabidiol.

When THCa is used in conjunction with Cannabidiol, the two work together to create an “entourage effect” which significantly lowers inflammation - giving “extra-strength” pain relief. 

One of our Primary Carrier Oils is Organic Jojoba Oil.  

Jojoba oil is a liquid wax extracted from the nut of an indigenous American shrub. Naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, jojoba oil closely resembles the oil of human skin (sebum) - making it the most absorb-able carrier oil available.  Jojoba oil modulates the skin’s own oil production - decreasing oily skin, while its Vitamin E content assists with skin repair. Jojoba oil’s rapid absorb-ability accelerates the uptake of Cannabidiol/THCa in Empower Bodycare’s Topical Relief Oil and Soaking Salts, providing faster relief than products with carriers such as beeswax - which sit on top of the skin.

The Wintergreen and Bergamot Oils in Our Formulation Work Synergistically with THCa and Cannabidiol to ease pain.

Empower BodyCare's Topical Relief Oil and Soaking Salts contain cooling Wintergreen and soothing Bergamot essential oils, which work synergistically with THCa and Cannabidiol to lower inflammation and ease pain. Wintergreen essential oil is a natural analgesic (pain reducer), anti-arthritic, and antiseptic. Wintergreen oil also contains the active ingredient methyl salicylate, which acts as a counter-irritant and natural pain reliever. Bergamot essential oil stimulates the secretion of hormones, which lessens sensitivity to pain within the nerves.

Besides calming Oregon Lavender, cooling Wintergreen, and soothing Bergamot, Empower BodyCare's Topical Pain Relief and Soaking Salts contain a proprietary blend of healing essential oils. While we can't give our secret recipe away, customers are always welcome to call and inquire if they have specific allergies.

As always, Empower BodyCare products are vegan, paraben-free, GMO-free, with no synthetic scents, and are made with sustainable, ethically sourced ingredients which are locally produced whenever possible.